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Hope For All – HFA  has been supporting and helping our local community members, and the homeless with food parcels, tea, warm clothing, etc., for years under the umbrella of CGHM. We registered as a charity in July 2020, Charity number 119 232.

The scheme is intended to provide a long-term lifeline, food initiative, beyond food bank facilities at no cost to the public.

Hope for All has the potential to improve lives and address the problems of economic hardship and constraints.

If you or someone you know is in need of support please Contact Us Or stop by at:

170 Kensington
L7 2RJ

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We've gathered many beautiful moments during our journey GIVING is the Best


Is to Equip families with resources that bridge the gap between disenfranchised and marginalized people and the rest of their communities. 


Is to help to minimize the economic distress on people especially at this uncertain time. Our food share program (Hope For All) is for the benefit of local communities esp. in the Kensington and Fairfield area of Liverpool.


The HFA scheme is designed to help with homelessness and social exclusion in the Kensington and Fairfield areas of Liverpool. We hope that by using the medium of nutritious food it will promote health and well being.

We currently on a small scale, operate the program with food supplied by Fareshare that delivers once a week. This is currently funded by ourselves. 

We would love some support or ways to obtain more funding so as to be able to reach more people and a wider area. So please do reach out or Use our Donate page to contribute. 

80kg -200kg of food is delivered every week, which is then distributed door-to-door to elderly or immobile members of the community.


Others can access the service by visiting our premises – Details Below, to collect, Covid-19 SOPs and Government guidelines taken into consideration.



There is a wide range of nutritious foods for you if you are in need.

Also on a Sunday, we provide pastries, sandwiches, bakes, etc.

The Hope For All - HFA CGHC food program

HFA – Hope for All

HFA is also engaged in the distribution of hot drinks, warm clothing, sleeping bags etc to the homeless across the city centre of Liverpool. 


Unemployment is currently soaring and worsening food shortages due to the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic and Lockdowns.

We, therefore, also hope to embark on a soup/ community kitchen which will not only enable us to provide food, but also a space for socialization. 

We plan on activities such as quiz nights, dance, and music evenings for the elderly.

We are therefore appealing for support.

If you would like to join in the mission to eradicate hardship in our communities, we welcome your generosity and any donations graciously.

The program is currently run on a Thursday 12-3 pm and Sundays 11.30 am

If you or someone you know is in need of support please Contact Us Or stop by The church,

CGH ministry
170 Kensington
L7 2RJ


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Rated 5 out of 5

On behalf of my homeland and our people I would like to Thank You for your overwhelming kindness and generosity. THANK YOU. From the bottom of my heart.

Avatar for Nikki Symond
Nikki Symond

I have been fed spiritually, emotionally and physically

Rated 5 out of 5

It is difficult to imagine life as a homeless person, yet I have experienced it and the support I got from this community and ministry was what kept me and my family going. My family and I were fed, spiritually, emotionally, and physically and for that, we will always be thankful. God bless the work of your hands GH HFA program.

Avatar for Julie

Thanks be to God for Christian Gold House Ministry. Their charity is serving the lives of many including mine. As much as I can’t go out more often now for my food shopping, I know for certain that someone is there for me every week.😄 This really brings a tear to my face thinking what would I do without the Pastor’s wife. Patricia is doing a wonderful wonderful job. She always boosts my spirit even when am feeling low, lonely, and in pain with no one to talk to. There she appears with a shopping bag of food and with smile kindness and a warm heart, she puts a smile on my face. She stops a few minutes and chats with me that alone is great, God bless her.

She risks her life in these times of hardship for my life and many others. She is a life-saving kind mother to all who appreciate her. May the Good Lord Bless her Mightily. Even if she feels tired she keeps going, I put myself in her shoes and feel the strain but she doesn’t give up. Thank you so much child of God. I wish I can help you to go round with you but the devil has robbed my health. Well done you as am looking forward to this bag of shopping once again. 😃 You are not doing this for yourself but for God who has a reward for you more than I can say thanks to you. You have a good heart for vulnerable souls. Thank you my daughter in Christ. Thanks to every founder of the HFA Charity God bless you Mightily. Am happy to see what my Ministry is doing. Thank you again Mrs. S F Sarpong you are my rock.

Loving mother of Christian Gold House Chapel. Patricia Mafu.