Hope For All Women and Youth Empowerment

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Our organization is involved in numerous projects for empowering Women and Youth in our Community.

The Hope For All food program has been funded by generous donations from friends and family since inception and we expect this to still continue except we get a grant. Proper records are kept for noting the donors and amount contributed.

Hope For All is committed to ensuring that those undertaking roles in working with vulnerable beneficiaries reflect a mix of talents, skills, and potential. Criminal records and other information will be taken into account. We believe that it is always unacceptable for a beneficiary to experience abuse of any kind. We recognize our responsibility to safeguard their welfare, by a commitment to recommend best practice which protects them. This policy applies to our Board of Trustees, volunteers, or anyone working with our organization.

At Hope For All, we promote social inclusion for the public benefit. We do our best to help people stay connected and avoid being socially excluded as a result of financial hardship. We try to relieve the needs of people who are socially excluded and assist them to integrate into society by providing a community hub where people can find community.


Our mission is to reduce poverty by assisting people in need especially in the Liverpool area who are the victims of financial hardship. More so due to the covid-19 (but not exclusively) by the provision of food and groceries.

Leadership Training for Women & youths

As our work expands, we also hope to embark on a soup/community kitchen which will not only enable us to provide hot meals, but also a space for socializing. With activities such as quiz nights, dance, and music evenings for the elderly and the youths. Thus creating a meeting point for light socializing as the government rules allow from time to time. 

Are You a Windrush Victim?

GHHFA is pioneering the Windrush help scheme in Liverpool. We are a Windrush advocate working in partnership with like-minded organisations such as WDlegal.co.uk, Windrush Defenders, and other organizations across the UK to raise awareness and provide support.


Start here to find out if we could help you confirm your legal status and claim compensation. GHHFA is passionate about helping disenfranchised individuals affected by the Windrush Scandal of 2018.


We aim to make sure people are in receipt of the correct information, help to rectify issues relating to citizenship status and Windrush compensation schemes.


Help to eradicate hardship brought about by the hostile environment policy of 2012.people have been wrongly detained and deported and denied legal rights. There has been upheaval to lives, many of whom are British citizens, due to the knock-on effects of this hostile environment policy.


We welcome support and collaboration from organizations and individuals who wish to support in this cause.

Safe Connections

GHHFA is offering. “Safe Connections” Safe Connections project is a project set up to combat loneliness. We are working to alleviate the stress and challenges brought on by Lockdown.

Do you know someone who may be lonely, feeling depressed, and isolated? An elderly person, single person, a single parent, an immigrant person. Reach out to us. Safe Connections is just as the name suggests, a safe place for anyone feeling lonely.

Pop in for a chat or a cuppa. We also provide support and advice and are able to signpost you to suitable organisations.

Need help with health issues, language barrier issues, welfare issues, job application issues, IT skills issues, Education issues, or general issues, don’t suffer in silence, let’s fight social isolation and loneliness together.

You can find us in the Christian Gold House Church building 170 Kensington L7 2RJ

Contact 07943769397

Do feel free to Contact Us for more information about getting involved. Or simply visit our “Give Help” Page and choose an option that suits your time availability and/or resources.


Check out our sister organisation YouTube channel.


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Thank you for dropping by and Stay Safe.